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01:17am 08/08/2004
  blah blah bla this is a test  

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06:48pm 11/04/2004
mood: cold
well. i dont think very many ppl are reading this. o well

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06:35pm 16/03/2004
mood: chipper
hi there. ahhh... i really doubt that very many ppl are gonna join so. but anyway. i'll post the rules here but they're in the 'bio' section too. there arent very many i promise

1. big big rule. dont insult ppl on here. if u have a problem with them, take it up elsewhere. just not here. this isnt a battlefield.
see that wasnt so bad was it?
o yea, the background sucks, i know, thats cause i just dont do HTML if anybody can help me i would be very much obliged. gracias
love kitti!

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